Earth Sense Energy Systems, Inc. DBA PAJA PELLETS
Earth Sense Energy Systems, Inc. DBA PAJA PELLETS

What our customers say about us

We are so appreciative of the continued praise from our customers.  We value your continued business.


"The stove heated the house all winter long on low except when below 00F all day. Approximately $3 a day to heat all winter always above 700F."

-John & Lisa


I can't believe how much money you can save by having a pellet stove, Great grill too!





"Our home feels a lot warmer, the fuel was good quality and plentiful. Price was the lowest around!"




 "We would recommend Earth Sense to anyone who wants to be comfortable all winter at a good price."





"Pat & Company !

 Just a short note to Thank you for the smooth stove transaction and installation! What a pleasure doing business with you and your people. Even though it has not been cold enough yet, we have used the stove twice.  We just couldn't wait.  Please give a special thanks to the person that did the installation- what a very nice person- he did a great job.  Sorry we did not get his name!!  We will be sure to recommend you to everyone we know and will think of you as we stay warm this winter -  Thank you again so much and God Bless."


-Dave & Sue




"Pat installed quickly and professionally, the pellets are high quality at a competitive price.


We saved a lot on propane costs, & this was the first winter we didn't have mold form in the ceiling corner of the north & east rooms."





"Pat did just what I wanted and it looks great. We are very happy with the pellet stove, it was something we always wanted."


-Ron & Phyllis



"Last year my wife and I started looking at pellet stoves to supplement the gas furnace we have. After talking to some people we know that had purchased a pellet stove from Earth Sense Energy Systems, we were convinced a pellet stove was the answer for us.  We went down to Earth Sense and priced the stoves and just before we were ready to purchase a stove we saw an ad from _____ _____ in the Sunday paper advertising pellet stoves for $900.00 Cheaper.  We went down to _____ _____and looked at the stove we could live with that.  We took the stove home and installed it in our basement.  We started to use the stove and were very happy for the first 1-1/2 months.  Then the plate on the back of the firebox started to warp and it got worse everyday.  I called the manufacturer and they said they had never heard of this happening.  They gave us a replacement number and we drove back to _____ _____ to get a replacement. (80 Miles roundtrip) We got the new stove home and put it to use.  Needless to say we had to put up with the smell of curing paint once again.  This stove seemed to burn a little better and we thought we were done with our problems.  We were happy with the stove until 1-1/2 months later when we started to notice that same plate on the back of the firebox warping.  Once again I called the manufacturer and they told me to take the stove back to _____ _____ and get another replacement.  I told them no way I wasn't going through the hassle of lugging another stove up and down the basement steps and I wanted a refund this time.  They agreed to refund my money.  This year we came back to Earth Sense Energy Systems to buy our new Harman pellet stove like we should have done last year.  We would have spent more money up front but it sure would have saved us a lot of hassle!   Once again we learned the hard way that you really do get what you pay for and the reason you save $900.00 is because they're made cheaper!"




Thank you to all for helping make Earth Sense Energy Systems of Oostburg a success.  Seeing is believing, so please come in and see what a pellet stove can do for your home.

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